Hi Kirsten!

Before we start the serious questions lets break-the-ice a little and get to know you better. 

What’s your favourite book and why?

It’s difficult to pick as I am a real book worm and have so many favourite books! If I had to choose, I’d go with the Hunger Games Trilogy. I know the stories so well, and just find the premise of the Hunger Games amazing. It’s one of the first books I read where I really couldn’t put it down, I fell in love with the story and the way everything plays out. Of course, it’s a fantastic film too!

Thanks Kirsten! What is your favourite meal and why?

As a big foodie, I’m going to have to go with cuisine rather than food! It’s a big toss up between Italian and Japanese. Pasta and pizza are life, and I’m actually learning to speak Italian right now, but I also love Japanese- sushi, gyozas and everything else. If it was up to me, I’d have it all!

Thanks Kirsten! Now moving onto some more serious questions…tell us a little about your journey that has led you to working for Circle, for example your previous roles, qualifications, or experiences.  

I started my career working with John Lewis on their Management programme and ended up living in Newcastle and Aberdeen as part of the job. I was promoted to site manager, but it just wasn’t my passion and I really wanted to work with people more. In 2019, I started withing with LAMH, an organization in South Lanarkshire that delivers services to help improve mental health within the community. It was in this role, that I felt like I’d finally woke up! Working with LAMH was everything that I’d been looking for, as they knew I wanted to do my post-grad in CBT, and they massively supported me to do this, giving me flexible working opportunities, and lots of experience.

I started my diploma in CBT two years ago and qualified as a psychotherapist in June, and that’s when I decided to look for a new role and joined the Circle Team. I currently work part time as part of the Families Affected By Imprisonment Team (FABI), but I am hoping to be able to go full time as I have already fallen in love with the role. I love what I do and it’s such a privilege to get to finally work as a therapist- long may it continue!


What excites you the most about for working for Circle? 

As an organisation, Circle really aligns with my personal values of sticking with families for as long as it takes to help them recover, despite the risks. I love the whole Circle ethos and feel so respected and valued in my role, already being asked to participate in large projects and providing input at multidisciplinary meetings. There’s a real feeling of respect and genuine care, and looking after each other amongst staff, which is something that is so important in this role. Circle feels like a home from home, with like-minded people and views, working towards an overall target.

What will your specific role entail/what are you going to be doing and who will you be working with? 

I’m working as part of the FABI Women’s Outreach Team, so I’m going to be working mainly with mums and women who have either been self-referred or been referred into Circle. The women we support face a varying range of issues, such as low self-esteem, PTSD, and trauma.

My main goal going into the role is to complement the hard work that is already being done, whilst helping the mums become more confident. The Whole Family Approach is something that really inspires me about the organisation, as it feels great knowing that whilst we are working with the women, other FOW are doing work to support other family members, such as the dads and children to ensure they are growing together as a family.

Thanks Kirsten! And finally, if you could click your fingers and change one thing (societal, financial, political) that would instantly help the families you support, what would it be?

To improve social function and connection, so that people are able to support each other in a community and talk about their problems to build trusting relationships. I think this is a long term solution that will help make the biggest difference.

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