We offer a range of services to support children and families affected by parental substance use. We work alongside families to help them build upon existing strengths to make and sustain positive lifestyle choices.

Support for parents/carers:

We provide services to support:

  • recovery from substance use
  • improving family relationships and providing practical support, e.g. establishing boundaries and routines within your home
  • managing your children’s behaviour
  • accessing local services and activities for you and your children
  • improving nursery and school attendance and achievement for your children
  • addressing your own and your family’s health needs
  • attending meetings with other professionals

We will also provide support to other members of your family who are involved in the child’s life e.g. grandparents.

The Harbour, Edinburgh Project has a dedicated Fathers’ Support Worker (see Fathers’ Support)

Support for children and young people:

We provide 1:1 support for children and young people in schools or in the local community. Creative approaches are used to help children express their emotions, build their confidence and develop resilience to help them cope with any difficulties.

The Harbour Project, Edinburgh, offers therapeutic support to children through a partnership with CrossReach’s Sunflower Garden Project.

The Harbour Project, Edinburgh, has a dedicated Young Persons’ Worker (see Children and Young People).

The East Lothian Project has a dedicated Children’s Resilience Worker (see Children and Young People).

Whole Family Support Services
Harbour Project, Edinburgh
Contact: Julie King, Project Manager
Tel: 07984 022908
West Lothian Project
Contact: Hazel Tyson, Project Manager
Tel: 07957 644981
East Lothian Project
Contact:  Angela Gentile, Project Manager
Tel: 07775 409302 
Helped me understand the impact of my substance misuse on my son.
This support helped me feel braver and try new things.
Child age 10