We support young people who want to make positive choices around alcohol and/or drug use.
It’s free, friendly, confidential and non-judgemental.

Are you a young person wanting support?
  • Your drug and alcohol use doesn’t need to be out of control to be referred for support
  • We can support you to make better choices when using drugs and alcohol or if you want to stop completely we will support you with this too
  • You don’t need to be using alcohol and drugs to receive support; you could be affected by, or worried, about someone’s drinking and drug use. Or you’re thinking about using alcohol and drugs yourself
  • We can meet you here in Circle or somewhere else like your local youth club, school or community centre
  • We are trained and qualified to provide you with the best possible service
What your sessions will be like?

The type of support you’ll have depends on the kind of support you need.

    • You might want to learn about the effects and impact of drugs and alcohol
    • You might want to explore ways to stop or cut down
    • You might want talk about the reasons you’re using drugs and alcohol
    • You might want to talk about other things like housing and money worries, friends, stresses and frustrations
    • You might want to talk about relationship and family difficulties
    • We won’t tell you what to do! But we will support you to change things for the better if we think your drug or alcohol use is getting out of control
    • We will encourage you to talk to about how you feel but won’t expect you talk about really difficult emotions unless you’re ready to
    • It’s not always sitting in a room. You might go for lunch or a coffee with your worker or they could chum you along to somewhere like another appointment, the gym or for a game of pool
    • We will do our best to meet you in a place that feels most comfortable, private and safe for you
    • We won’t tell anyone else about your drug use or drinking unless we believe you or another young person is at risk of serious harm. If we do need to break confidentiality, we’ll explain our reasons beforehand and always let you know what’s going on
Contact: Julie King, Project Manager 
Tel: 0131 552 0305