Children and their families should always feel able to have their voices heard and be listened to.

Please text Angela Gentile 07775 409302 with your name and your number if you are interested in telling us how we can improve our services.

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From a survey conducted in June 2017, we received the following feedback:
Parents/carers (out of 85 responses)
  •  100% of parents/carers would recommend Circle to other families
  •  95% of parents/carers felt that Circle made ‘a lot’ of difference to their families
  •  94% felt that the workers interacted well with their children, ‘a lot’ of the time
  •  82% felt that Circle helped them anticipate and manage family crisis ‘a lot’ of the time
  •  81% felt that Circle helped them to understand their child’s needs ‘a lot’
Children and young people (out of 14 responses)
  •  100% would recommend Circle to other children and young people
  •  100% felt Circle staff were friendly
  •  85% felt they were listened to ‘a lot’ of the time
  •  77% felt that staff made ‘a lot’ of difference
Professionals (out of 51 responses)
  •  92% were ‘highly satisfied’ with the worker’s values and relationships
  •  87% were ‘highly satisfied’ with the worker’s ability to engage with complex family situations using a solution focused approach
I think that CIRCLE have helped an awful lot of vulnerable people and every single person that I have worked with within CIRCLE does so with a compassionate approach alongside practical solutions.
Circle helped mum go to school and sort out issues like bullying and struggling to socialise. Also got me to young carers. Helped mum with going to appointments that she struggled to go to on her own.
Young Person
The best thing is having someone that listens and helps. Made me feel like I had someone to talk to.
Young Person