We provide support for fathers through a range of different services.

Support for Fathers and Expectant Fathers, Edinburgh

The Circle Fathers’ Worker works alongside the team at PrePare to offer individual support to new and expectant fathers.
They also run a group in partnership with Stepping Stones North Edinburgh. Sessions are delivered by the Fathers’ Worker alongside a Parenting Outreach Support Worker from the project.

Contact: Julie King, Project Manager 
Tel: 07984 022908
Addiewell Prison

This service supports fathers in Addiewell Prison preparing for release, to help meet their particular support needs.

Contact: Georgina Lyttle, Project Manager 
Tel: 0131 551 7576
Haven Group Work, North Edinburgh

We run two groups in North Edinburgh to support local fathers: Dads’ Community Group and Becoming Dad

Contact: Alex Collop, Project Manager 
Tel: 07703 714764 
Being a better father, learning more about babies' safety and wellbeing.
Great that I now know how substances affected babies and development.