Circle’s purpose is to improve the lives of children by strengthening families. We work closely with professionals in partner agencies across a range of services and sectors in order to achieve this.

At Circle we often run information sessions for our colleagues who work in other settings and want to know more about what we do. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

Social Work

If you are a social worker and you know a family who could benefit from our service then please get in touch for an initial discussion. It may be a family where a parent is at risk of imprisonment or where a member of the family’s substance use is causing adverse experiences for other family members.

I have found the service to be extremely beneficial in supporting women and children; Circle have been a highly positive support for the families that I work with.
Criminal Justice Social Worker


Working in a health setting you may know a family where substance misuse adversely affects the whole family but specifically the children. You may be a GP, District Nurse, Health Visitor, Midwife, CPN or a Health Centre Link Worker. If you would like to chat to us about how a family you know may benefit from our strengths based, solution focused approach then please get in touch.

Having a Circle worker present at our drop-ins and one-to-one support for clients with drug and alcohol issues has been extremely beneficial for our service, and is essential in the provision of support for families with young children and substance use issues.
Recovery Coordinator


Working in an educational setting you will know how much children’s experiences at home affect their behaviour and performance in school. Working to agreed personal outcomes we can support families with routines and school attendance.

If you are a Head Teacher then we may be able to help you address the attainment gap in your school. We are currently running a Pupil Equity Fund Pilot Project with two Primary Schools in Edinburgh and we would love to be involved with schools in other parts of the country. Why not get in touch for a chat?

Working with (worker) has always been a positive experience. He engages our dads so well and offers them support which empowers them to feel more confident about themselves as individuals and as parents. This impacts on their families in a positive way.
Head Teacher