Hi Christine!

Before we start the serious questions lets break-the-ice a little and get to know you better. 

What’s your favourite book/film and why?

My favourite book without a doubt is the Smartest giant in town by Julia Donaldson, because it holds so many lovely memories for me. I loved reading this book to both my own and other children who I have cared for over the years.

My favourite movie would be Dirty Dancing, always wanted to go on a holiday and be taught to be a dancer, safe to say that it never happened! 

Thanks Christine! What is your favourite meal and why?

I love cooking and I love eating, so it’s really hard to choose a favourite meal but I would have to go with my Mums homemade macaroni.

Thanks Christine! Now moving onto some more serious questions…tell us a little about your journey that has led you to working for Circle, for example your previous roles, qualifications, or experiences.  

I began working in Early Years as a Qualified Nursery practitioner over 20 years ago, before becoming a Nursery Manager. After the arrival of my own children, I moved on from Early years and discovered I had a real connection working in Family support. I later fulfilled an ambition and opened my own small business, delivering infant massage and creative play groups for children. I love working with families and sharing learning in fun ways. However, the impact of Covid on a small business required a long recovery and I made the decision to return to education working in Family support. I absolutely love working with parents & their children, I enjoy the partnership working and helping people move forward in their lives. I first heard of Circle while in my previous job, I was inspired by the amazing work they do and discovered an exciting opportunity to work with Fathers & their families.

What excites you the most about for working for Circle? 

I am so excited about working with Circle because I take pride in knowing that I am working for a charity who have done so much amazing work for families in Scotland. I know working for Circle that I will have time to dedicate to the families accessing our service and the opportunity to make a difference.

What will your specific role entail/what are you going to be doing and who will you be working with? 

I am very happy to be working within our Whole Fathers Support service in West Lothian. Working in partnership with Fathers with historical or current substance use, I look forward to working together to reduce barriers and build relationships. I hope that Fathers will feel supported while working with me and enhance opportunities to build confidence in their parenting role.

Thanks Christine! And finally, if you could click your fingers and change one thing (societal, financial, political) that would instantly help the families you support, what would it be?

If I could click my fingers and change one thing, it would be for every person to be able to identify at least one person in their lives who they can talk to. I know the positive outcomes that the simplicity of having someone you can talk to can have. I hope that for anyone I work with in Circle, that I could be that person.

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