Hi Alana!

Before we start the serious questions lets break-the-ice a little and get to know you better. 

What’s your favourite book/film and why?

My favourite movie is ‘Girl, Interrupted’. This movie shows many aspects of mental health and how it was perceived in the 1960’s. Its focus is on teen girls’ behavioural and mental health issues, and on how systemic factors can play a role in predisposing and perpetuating those issues. Although science and mental health treatment has evolved then, we still see stigma against mental health disorders, and people still struggle to understand and accept their need for support. Overall, the film brings to attention the need for compassion and understanding towards mental health.

Thanks Alana! What is your favourite meal and why?

I love rice with black beans! This was my everyday meal growing up in Brazil. After I moved to the U.K. I rarely eat this, so it went from being an ordinary meal to a special-occasion one!

Thanks Alana! Now moving onto some more serious questions…tell us a little about your journey that has ledyou to working for Circle, for example your previous roles, qualifications, or experiences.  

Since my teen years I ‘ve always been certain that the right role for me would be one in which I can support children and adults emotionally and psychologically. I have worked with children for over 18 years, as teacher, educator and as a therapist. I have learned through education and work experience how important it is to support children’s mental health and wellbeing, so that they can develop strong personal, emotional, social and cognitive skills. I hold a B.Ed. degree in Teacher Training, a MSc degree in Psychology and I am also a qualified Psychological Therapist.

The role of Children’s Resilience Worker with Circle seemed to be (and it has been!) a great opportunity to do the kind work I am passionate about.

What excites you the most about for working for Circle? 

The opportunity to support children in a fun and nurturing way. I immensely value and admire how Circle has brought awareness to the impact of parental substance use on children’s lives.

What will your specific role entail/what are you going to be doing and who will you be working with? 

As a Children’s Resilience Worker (East Lothian Project), I will be offering support to children and young people to connect with peers and to help build resilience upon their existing strengths. I will help children to have their voice heard and to minimise the impact of parental substance use.

Thanks Eilidh! And finally, if you could click your fingers and change one thing (societal, financial, political) that would instantly help the families you support, what would it be?

If I could change anything I would erase any form of stigma around mental health and increase people’s understanding of substance as a mental health issue. I would also like to see faster and easier access to mental health services.

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