Eight new members joined our Baby Peep Group in January. We have concentrated on introducing sensory materials, such as silk scarves, beads, books and scrunchy materials from our Peep box and singing songs from our Peep song bag. This term our colleague Fiona Burness very kindly photographed all the parents and babies – two of these photos will be used for our Haven leaflet and also enable us to have a display in our grouproom. Parents recently commented that they “would be stuck in the house, quite isolated” if they didn’t have the group to go to.

Our Bump to Buggy Group has continued with the theme of ‘child led weaning’, whereby each week we bring a variety of healthy fruit and vegetables for our babies who are 6 months old and upwards. Below is one of our twins trying mashed broccoli. Parents commented that the group made a difference as “there was a lot support from staff and other parents around weaning which made me less anxious and scared of trying it“.