Meet Circle’s Trustees

Circle are very proud of… the quality, and range, of individuals we have on our Board of Trustees. Our current board contains individuals with knowledge of Education, Finance, Communications, Healthcare, Social Work and HR.

They play a key role in supporting Circle’s work, using their vast range of skills and experience to provide oversight on key decisions, monitoring our financial situation and providing input into Circle’s strategy for the future.

In order to celebrate the range of talented individuals who currently sit on Circle’s Board we thought we would conduct a series of interviews so that you can get to know them, and us, a little better. See below for the third of these interviews, this time with Helen McCann.

Helen is an… IT Consultant and Change Management Professional, with 30 years’ experience of working in the Edinburgh Financial Services market. She is currently a Director in her own business, providing change management expertise to a global financial technology client.

Hi Helen, how long have you been a trustee?

3 years

And what made you want to become a trustee?

I was actually looking for a volunteering role, and spoke to a friend of my husband who ran EVOC (Edinburgh Volunteer Organisation’s council). She suggested that I should consider becoming a trustee, and recommended Circle to me.

Did you know much about Circle before you became involved as a trustee?

No, I didn’t, so it was a bit daunting at first. I come from a background in business, so there was a lot to learn about both third sector and the work Circle is involved in.

And now that you know more about what we do what aspect of Circle’s work do you most value or respect?

The staff commitment to the work they do, and the difference they make to the families lives is incredible. Their professionalism, especially over the last very difficult 2 years, is fantastic to see.

Though I am sure your main aim is to share your knowledge and experience with Circle I wonder what, if anything, being a trustee adds to your own personal and professional development?

It has opened my eyes to the need, and the difference Circle makes, within our communities. I love working with people with very different careers and experience to my own.

Is there anything specific that you have been able to add to Circle’s work?

I hope that coming from a different industry gives me a different slant on issues

Beyond Circle, what do you think is the biggest challenge currently facing charities in general?

The huge level of need, either caused or exacerbated by the pandemic, coupled with a lack of funding from central and local government

For anyone considering becoming a trustee what would you say are the important attributes they should have?

Open mind; willingness to get stuck in to whatever is needed; interest or passion in the work of the charity; focus on ensuring the charity is well run and viable

And finally, if you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about becoming a trustee what would it be?

Go for it! The small time investment is definitely worth it for the return you get in seeing the difference that the charity makes to people’s lives.

Thanks Helen for committing the time to support Circle’s work and for giving us such a great insight into what’s required AND what the benefits are.

Circle are always looking for… talented individuals with experience of the Third Sector, Fundraising or Social Work that would be interested in joining our team and making an impact for vulnerable families across Central Scotland. If you would be interested then please get in touch –

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