Circle welcomes volunteers to enhance the services we provide to children and their families.

Given the complex nature of the work that is undertaken by our team of Family Support Workers, volunteering opportunities are more likely to be either within the admin team or within our Inter School Social Education Project (ISSEP).

Our ISSEP Project mainly recruits volunteers who are senior secondary school students to mentor vulnerable primary school children. However, we will also consider volunteering opportunities for other young volunteers (aged 16 – 20 years) who need not necessarily be at school but are looking to increase their confidence and skills in working with children. The work takes place in term time after school within Circle’s Head Office. The students mentor individual children and focus on one-to-one activities to boost the children’s self-esteem and confidence. Each mentor volunteers one day a week with the project. Our Mentor Co-ordinator supervises the sessions and provides the mentors with regular support and feedback. Volunteer mentors will be required to join the PVG Scheme or undergo a PVG Scheme update check.

If interested in volunteering within ISSEP, contact Claire Martin on 07596 358794.

Circle has clear principles for volunteers’ involvement and recognises the respective roles, rights and responsibilities of volunteers and paid staff (in relation to volunteers). We ensure the on-going quality of both the volunteering opportunities on offer and the work carried out by volunteers. We also ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organisational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute fully to Circle’s work. Circle expects that staff at all levels will work positively with volunteers and, where appropriate, actively seek to involve them in their work. Circle recognises that volunteers require opportunities for personal development and will seek to help volunteers meet these needs as well as providing induction and training for them to do their work effectively.