The DARED Challenge

‘Do A Run Every Day’ in June

So you are thinking about taking part in the DARED Challenge to support vulnerable local children?

This is an amazing opportunity to:

  • be part of an event, the likes of which Edinburgh has never seen before
  • challenge yourself to either get out and exercise, or push yourself further than you thought possible
  • enjoy the amazing outdoor space that we have in this beautiful city
  • raise a LOT of money for an incredible cause, the benefits of which we see first hand on a daily basis.

What is the Challenge?

You may choose between two challenges and can complete them as a series of runs, brisk walks or a combination of the two. They can be completed individually or in groups, outside in the fresh air or on a treadmill.

The Beginners’ Challenge: Complete a 1 mile run every day in June.

The Experienced Challenge: Complete a 5k run every day in June.

Fitting exercise into your daily lives can be difficult and is frequently overlooked. Getting out in the fresh air and working up a sweat can have profound effects for both your physical and mental health.

This is an arduous test of physical and mental stamina, requiring disciplined preparation and recovery, an accomplishment that seasoned runners should be proud of.

How do I sign up?

The only way to sign up is by visiting The DARED Challenge registration page.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter!

Each year we get a huge amount of support from Edinburgh school staff and it is fantastic to see so many dedicated members of staff go above and beyond to offer even more support to local children. However anyone is welcome to participate.

How can I promote DARED?

DARED is a mass participation event. The more people who sign up for it the better.

Share the event poster or DARED Flyer 2020 by printing it off and putting it on notice boards, emailing it to friends or colleagues and adding it to your social media. Please like and share our Facebook page . Also follow and retweet our Twitter account. There is also a specific DARED participants Facebook page where you can share photos, PBs and challenges.

Ultimately our main goal is to raise money for Circle, so keep directing people to your own fundraising page. And keep in touch – we would love to hear how you are getting on with your fundraising and with the challenge.

Do I have to run?

In the same way that you can’t turn up for a marathon with some roller skates, the DARED challenge must be completed on foot. How fast you go is completely up to you. It is however a challenge, so push yourself; the 10 minute walk to the staff room via the photocopier is not sufficient.

At the end of each day you should feel like you have completed some exercise, either by breaking sweat or getting at least slightly out of breath (to the point that you can’t hold a conversation in complete sentences).

Can I use a treadmill?

Whilst there are benefits to running outside with others, sometimes convenience and weather makes the draw of a treadmill appealing. As long as the distance is covered, the challenge is completed. If a treadmill is used, photos of the screen can be taken at the completion of each run to record progress.

How do I record my runs?

There are countless free smartphone apps which you can use to record your runs. Strava is particularly good as it allows you to plan as well as record your run.

We are hosting a DARED club where you can see how the other participants are getting on. If you would to be added to this group or have any queries, please email

If you are completing any runs on a treadmill, a photo of the screen on completion will make a record of your efforts. Technical problems are inevitable and GPS devices are not 100% reliable. Records will therefore not need to be submitted and we will be relying on participants’ honesty.

What is the entry fee?

There are two entry choices and if you sign up before 3rd April there is an Early Bird discount:

Fundraising – the full entry fee is £10, which covers your event t-shirt, and enables you to take part in the event with a fundraising target of £50pp.

Non-Fundraising – the full entry fee is £30, which covers your event t-shirt, and makes a £20 contribution to Circle with no further fundraising target.

All money raised is for Circle, no additional charity can be chosen or selected.

How do I fundraise?

To set up your fundraising page just visit JustGiving and select “Start Fundrasing”. You can set up a page as an individual or as a group. Remember to personalise your page and share it with as many people as possible. We have guidelines for setting up your page for beginners and advanced event people who have previously used JustGiving but need a refresher.

You can also print off an old-fashioned sponsor form. Make sure to carry it around with you and ask, ask ASK! Especially just after pay-day or in the pub!

Every penny you raise will go towards making a life-changing difference to the life of a young person in and around Edinburgh.

Your questions not answered here?

Then get in touch by emailing

Good luck and keep in touch!