Spotlight on Circle’s Trustees


Circle are very proud of… the quality, and range, of individuals we have on our Board of Trustees. Our current board contains individuals with knowledge of Education, Finance, Communications, Healthcare and Social Work.

They play a key role in supporting Circle’s work, using their vast range of skills and experience to provide oversight on key decisions, monitoring our financial situation and providing input into Circle’s strategy for the future.

In order to celebrate the range of talented individuals that currently sit on Circle’s Board we thought we would conduct a series of interviews so that you can get to know them, and us, a little better. See below for the second of these interviews, this time with Jane Scott.


Trustees Week

Trustees’ week is an annual event to… showcase the great work trustees do and provide opportunities for everyone to get involved and make a difference.

Its a big thank you to every Trustee for playing a vital role, volunteering their time and working together to make important decisions about their charity’s work.

Jane Scott, Trustee

Jane is a part-time Senior Research Fellow with… the Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection, University of Stirling and undertakes research and development projects as an independent researcher with a range of voluntary, statutory and academic organisations. Jane has also undertaken a range of practice reviews including Significant Care Reviews in child protection.

Hi Jane, how long have you been a trustee with Circle?

About 4 years now. 

And what made you want to become a trustee?

For the past 30 years, I have worked in research looking at how children’s lives can be improved, particularly children and young people who experience abuse and neglect. So it was a great to be part of an organisation providing support to families to see how their work impacts on the lives of children and families.

Did you know much about Circle before you became involved as a trustee?

I was aware of Circle generally, but didn’t know much about the range of projects the organisation is involved with.

And now that you know more about what we do what aspect of Circle’s work do you most value or respect?

I think Circle’s commitment to every family it works with is really impressive. Staff really care about what they’re doing and work with families to change their lives.

Though I am sure your main aim is to share your knowledge and experience with Circle I wonder what, if anything, being a trustee adds to your own personal and professional development?

It has been great to work with other trustees from different backgrounds to me to see how we come together to support the work of Circle. It’s also great to link with the staff, when possible, to hear what helps them in their work.

Is there anything specific that you have been able to add to Circle’s work?

Ha! Might be better to ask someone else….I might be found out and asked to leave the Board!!

Beyond Circle, what do you think is the biggest challenge currently facing charities in general?

Resources and coming out of the pandemic.

Resourcing was an issue before the pandemic in terms of what was available for the third sector, but the situation is now more chronic. I think also from colleagues who work in health and social care that the pandemic has impacted on families who would not normally have come to the attention of services.

Some families are feeling much more anxious and isolated, and some young people and adults are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing.

I think there could be greater demand for services, but maybe not the capacity to meet it.

For anyone considering becoming a trustee what would you say are the important attributes they should have?

I think that a trustee for any organisation needs to have a genuine interest in its people and its work, and be confident enough to ask questions even if they seem daft!

And finally, if you could give one piece of advice to someone thinking about becoming a trustee what would it be?

Take the opportunity! It is a regular commitment and there are times when difficult decisions need to be made, which affect people’s lives, but it’s rewarding.

Thanks Jane for committing the time to support Circle’s work and for giving us such a great insight into what’s required AND what the benefits are.


Circle are always looking for… talented individuals with experience of the Third Sector, Fundraising or Social Work that would be interested in joining our team and making an impact for vulnerable families across Central Scotland. If you would be interested then please get in touch –

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