Circle’s Summer Staff Development Day took place at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Hamilton on June 1st.

Thank you to a father who opened our Staff Development Day sharing his experience of the Adult Learning Group he has been actively involved in. He presented a brochure he has developed on “Welcome to the World of Adult Learning”. The father is supported by Circle’s Families Affected By Imprisonment (FABI) team, and it was powerful and inspiring to hear about his journey firsthand and the progress he has made. Well done to this father on his amazing achievements.

Staff then enjoyed discussion surrounding Circle’s Solution-focussed Approaches which underpin the culture within the organisation. This is a strengths-based approach which aims to involve families with a shared vision and a clear goal to work towards together. We discussed the strengths of the approach, highlighting areas of our practice in which it works particularly well. We then discussed future goals for utilising Solution-focussed Approaches further.

In the afternoon session we were joined by Anita Heyes, a co-ordinator and trainer with the Parents Under Pressure (PUP) programme. The PUP programme aims to promote a nurturing and stable environment for children and families affected by parental substance misuse. It is designed to be delivered on a one-to-one basis in the family home. There is an emphasis upon emotional regulation and emotional availability. Staff enjoyed a mindfulness exercise together as an insight into the emotional regulation aspect of the programme. A member of Circle’s Harbour team is now an accredited PUP therapist, with five other members of the team currently training to become PUP therapists. Find out more about the programme here.

The sun was shining and it was great for all teams to come together.