Intersect is a ground breaking systems leadership programme from the NHS Leadership Academy. Intersect brings health, social and public services together with local government and the third sector for the benefit of the people we help everyday.

Intersect programme participants met with staff from Circle’s East Lothian and Haven Projects during their visit to Edinburgh. They also met with families supported by the Haven Project, who shared their experiences of individual and group work with the project, and the benefits and changes they have experienced as a result of this.

Thank you to the NHS Leadership Academy for their extremely positive feedback, some of which is detailed below. It was a pleasure to have you with us, we also found you inspiring!

“It was inspirational to hear your stories and I along with the others within my group were touched in many ways by your honesty and dedication to making a difference.  Some of the key themes from the day were shared in parliament on the last day of our visit and I thought it may be helpful to share these with you.”

“The values identified by the families we met, were the same as the people running the programme”

“People have a voice”

“People feel that they are being listened to”

“I was really impressed with how the Circle team operated on at least 2 levels – with & for their service users and as leaders in the system”

“In terms of the system, my sense was that they did that because they understood that the system impacts; for good or ill on their service users lives”

“The ambition for what could be achieved, despite the challenges was inspiring and evident across everyone at circle”

“The relationships discussed with East Lothian council were fantastic to hear, and the evidence that having these relationships are key to sustainable success was very clear”