Circle’s Young Persons’ Service supports young people affected by their own, or someone else’s, substance use. We encourage young people to make healthy and informed choices and to feel better about themselves.

“I never realised how much sugar and caffeine is in energy drinks, I don’t want to drink these anymore”

We also offer workshops and group inputs with young people to raise awareness about drugs and alcohol, their effects, risks and on staying safe. Thanks to a grant from Scotmid we have been able to further develop our resource library by purchasing new visual aids and drug awareness boxes.

These tools will certainly enhance the learning experience for young people, regardless of learning styles or communication needs, and are mobile so can be brought into schools or youth clubs.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Circle’s input when they came in to deliver a six week drug & alcohol awareness group with some of our pupils. A few of these young people self-referred for ongoing individual support after taking part in the group. They are now making much better life choices.” 

Recently we were invited to visit Broughton High School and give them an insight into the many complications that drug and alcohol use can involve.

“I like the fact this class was different from other classes in school, I could talk to Séamus about things in the group I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking my teachers or parents” 

This work is available to all young people’s settings in the North West of Edinburgh such as schools, colleges, youth projects or sports clubs. To book your bespoke session get in touch with Séamus our Young Person’s Worker by calling 0131 552 0305 or email

“The service provided by Circle has had a huge benefit for the group of young people involved. Although difficult to quantify the impact, we have seen improved engagement in education, improved engagements with linking into positive after-school destinations and a decrease in disruptive behaviours.” Guidance Teacher, Forrester High School