YPI success from Trinity High School!

Recently, a group of second year pupils from Trinity High School were successful in securing £3,000 for our Haven Project through their success in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative scheme.

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The Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) is a powerful active citizenship programme, empowering young people to make a difference in their local communities, whilst developing a range of skills through a contextualised learning experience.

YPI raises awareness of social issues with young people, with the opportunity to direct a grant of £3,000 to a local charity championed by its students through a unique programme of teamwork, research, and competition.


As part of the process, students are required to participate in some friendly competition against their peers, by researching, and presenting their chosen charity to a panel of judges, who decide which charity they’d like to grant the £3,000 towards.

The pupils at Trinity High School said:

We chose Circle because we feel the charity helps to improve the lives of people in our local area and works with families to tackle big problems. We are delighted that the YPI money will help with resources for Circle’s Baby support groups to help develop these important services.”- Rhys




The pupils visited our Haven Project and interviewed Julie Calder, who leads the Baby Support Groups, to enable them to speak passionately and persuasively about the work that Circle does.

The students put together a fantastic presentation, covering the work that Circle does, what the £3,000 would go towards, and why they chose us as their charity.

We are absolutely delighted with the recent success of winning the £3,000 grant, and wanted to say special thanks to the pupils at Trinity High School for all their hard work, effort and passion for Circle’s work.



Since the programme was launched in 2008, Circle has been chosen by several schools as their local charity, and we are so grateful to all pupils that have participated.

If you’d like to choose Circle for your own YPI project, or you’d like more information, please get in touch at Kirsten.wales@circle.scot

If you’d like to find out more about the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, visit: https://ypiscotland.org.uk/