“The support you have given me and the kids has been completely life changing… you have helped us build a life together and now we are all thriving” (Mother, Harbour Project)

Circle gathers evidence on an ongoing basis so that we can be sure that the services we are delivering are helping to achieve the intended outcomes for the children and families we work with.

Information is gathered through regular staff supervision, reviews of support plans and written feedback from families, including children, as well as from any other professionals involved in the case via questionnaires collected following completed services.

This data is collected and collated on a Carista data management system. Every year this information is gathered, condensed and mixed with case study information and beneficiary feedback to create an Annual Project Report for each service Circle delivers. We use these reports to give an overview of the day-to-day work we are doing, why we are doing it and what impact it is having on the challenges faced by the children and families we work with.

Each report contains the following information:

  • A Project overview
  • Beneficiary Numbers
  • Recorded Outcomes (Based on SHANARRI indicators)
  • Referral Type and Reason
  • Partnerships and Community Connections
  • Case Studies and Beneficiary Quotes

We hope you find them interesting and illuminating: