Circle’s Haven Project ‘High-Vis Dads’ Arts Workshop took on the challenge laid down by the Year of the Dad slogan ‘celebrating the difference a great dad can make’. Family life can face many challenges for families in the Forth Ward, where Circle works through its Haven Project. Through the Arts Workshop, we gave Haven families the chance to consider all the amazing potential being realised in their father’s role. The fathers’ and children’s energy took on the vision of the lead artist, Angela Austin, and truly took on a life of its own. This 8’ x 6’ behemoth was full of colour and energy in a way that only a child could have envisioned. Fathers and their children worked creative magic each afternoon from the 11th to the 15th of July. The project now has the dual role of advertising and celebrating fatherhood with all the other fathers in their local area. This will be achieved when the final sculpture is exhibited from September 19th – October 7th at North Edinburgh Arts along with the photography of Fiona Burness, who visited the project during its construction. We have been able to celebrate with families the joy of being a father and now we want to encourage all the other dads out there.