Circle, along with other domestic abuse support services like Women’s Aid, have seen a recent spike in demand coinciding with the easing of lockdown restrictions, as highlighted in the Edinburgh Evening News.

This spike is thought to be because as lockdown eases, those experiencing abuse are finally in a position to be able to think about leaving their domestic situation.

Of course Circle have continued to offer support to families affected by domestic abuse throughout lockdown which has proven physically and emotionally challenging both for our beneficiaries and our staff. Families have been unable to alter their circumstances or distance themselves from difficult situations or relationships. Our staff have been unable to monitor the safety and well-being of the families they are supporting as well as they would like. Although conversations have been possible via phone or by video messaging, much of our work is done through observing body language, living conditions and family interactions. It is also incredibly difficult to communicate adequately with children from a distance and they can be often be overlooked when considering domestic abuse situations.

Our outreach staff, in some of Scotland’s most deprived communities, have provided, and continue to provide digital group support, care packages and physically distanced support for families.

Read the Edinburgh Evening News article here:

Circle are incredibly grateful to Foundation Scotland for providing additional funding for Circle’s vital work through their Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund. In partnership with the National Emergencies Trust, they’re providing funding to support charities and constituted community groups that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. This fund is still open and you can find details and application guidelines here:,-recovery-resilience-fund/

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