Circle’s ISSEP Project has enjoyed planting vegetables in the sunshine recently. The children and their mentors grew lettuces and nasturtiums at Circle’s Head Office at West Pilton Park, taking good care of them inside until they were ready to brave the Scottish weather. We then planted the vegetables out into our very own raised bed along with radishes and courgettes. We are looking forward to trying our homegrown salad and eating nasturtiums for the first time! Thanks to Centipede Project for providing the raised bed at Muirhouse Avenue and developing the log play area and roundabout nearby, the children and their mentors had lots of fun playing together.

Dads supported by Circle’s Haven Project Dads’ Community Group have also been involved in Centipede Project alongside Circle’s Dads’ worker. The dads shared Centipede Project’s vision for the Amphitheatre and enjoyed lending a hand in its construction. The Dads’ Community Group will also begin planting in their own raised bed soon!

Lots of local families are already using the recently developed park, showing that everyone’s hard work has paid off. Congratulations to all involved! Find out more about Centipede Project here.