Circle’s Haven Project recently developed and delivered 30 craft bags filled with 5 sensory activities and a little instruction kit to all our baby groups. The packs were partly funded by funding received from Cash for Kids and we are incredibly grateful to them for their support.

Each family received a canvas bag to decorate, fabric pens, a zip bag for non-messy paint play and a floor covering and canvas for messy play, paints, bubbles, scarf, foil blanket, scrabble letters, glue, glitter, sequins and pom poms for the sensory bottles.

The feedback we received was amazing.

“Thank you so much for the craft bag ❤️ such simple ideas that I would never had thought of. She has already obsessed with the bubbles! I had a little tear after you left today. It honestly means so much to have you drop things like this off.”

T with their sensory bottles.

“Just to say, the packs are absolutely amazing! A lot of thought and effort has gone into them. Thank you x”


Canvases and floor covers.

“You have done an amazing job on those bags mrs. You put so much thought into providing everything and your letter was brilliant. I’m really looking forward to decorating the bag and the sensory bottles are already filled ???? thank you very much. Xx”

A with his bubbles.

“Thank you so much for the craft bag he loved the bubbles lol x”

“As your idea, I put all pompoms in the bottle… really is good idea…M loved it… but now she has concentrated on foli blanket???? 20/25 min she played with it… our lunch was ready by that time…???????? xx”

“Thanks so much. Really exciting things that we are so looking forward to doing! X”

“Thank you for ours too my cousin brought it down this morning we have had so much fun. Most fun we have had in a while thanks to you O and his brother had a great morning ❤️ xxx”

Brothers with the paint and zip bag

“Thanks so much. And thanks again for all the work you put in arranging stuff for the group in this difficult time. R and I have felt really supported by you, you are so good at your job. Really looking forward to when we can all see each other again, and i’ll be in touch over the next few days with some craft photos! xx”







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