Antarctica record chaser Jen Crook completed her Scottish adventure: ‘The Winter Slog’ at the end of March. This training trip comprised an expedition up the length of Scotland, walking from Gretna Green to Cape Wrath – an incredible achievement!

Circle’s Business Manager, Annie, and Communications Officer, Claire, joined Jen and labrador Haggis on their Scottish adventure for the second time in February. We loved walking along the canal tow path towards the Trossachs. A snow blizzard was good training for Jen’s Antarctica expedition!

Labrador Haggis sadly was not able to complete the final leg of the expedition due to an overuse injury in her leg. This meant that, after dropping Haggis home and returning, Jen’s window to complete the trip was reduced, meaning she had to average a very impressive 850m ascent and 35km a day. Jen says: “The last nine days alone were all in heavy rain and included one storm where my tent got blown down on my head and all my kit got wet. I felt pretty chirpy though and, surprisingly, the days kept getting done. Even more surprisingly, my conscientious stretching routine meant that I had actually gotten rid of my knee injury!”.

Congratulations to Jen from everyone at Circle – you’re a star! Find more information about Jen’s plans for Antarctica on her website.