Circle’s Dads’ Shed Group Appeal

Circle’s Dads’ Shed Group Appeal

Circle’s Dads’ Shed Group is a group of dads’ in recovery, working shoulder to shoulder, on a variety of fun projects, providing peer support for fathers affected by drug and alcohol use. 

We need TOOLS!

Whatever the condition, please clear out your shed and send them our way. We’ll use them or restore and sell them to fund other consumables that we need: hammers, drills, screwdrivers…

…because on Saturday 15th June its sink or swim time for the shed dad’s. We’re taking to the water to enter the Canal Festival raft race. We need barrels (large plastic containers) and an old bike (does not need to be road worthy). Can you help?

If you have tools or materials that might help us, or if you would like to know more about the group, then please get in touch – 0131 552 0305 or info@Circle.Scot

Tues 11:30-13:30 at the Ripple Project (198 Restalrig Road South, Edinburgh EH7 6DZ)!